Introducing Curate

Curate was inspired by a desire to embrace simplicity. Eastern and northern light bathe the generous internal spaces, passing through oversized panes of glass- seamlessly inset between raw expanses of concrete.

With an understated, set-back ground floor and a weightless cantilevered upper form, the layered architecture of Curate presents an undeniable strength and presence to the streetscape.

The robust, private shell of the exterior sheds its layers into warm and inviting, minimalist inspired interiors. These spaces are drenched in natural  light – opening to private north facing gardens, resulting in tranquil settings to retreat and shut the world away.

Curate’s strength is driven by its subtleties. It’s in the details of the dimensional panelling, character-rich marble, voluminous double height voids and shifting junctions of materiality that create living spaces of distinction and longevity.

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