Joanie's Baretto

The design of Joanie’s Baretto had to be fundamentally reflective of the venue’s core values; no daring look-at-me crowd, just you and your friends enjoying each others’ company, in the way Italians have practiced and perfected over hundreds of years. 

The narrow yet long site allowed us to break the bar into three main sections for circulation. At the front, the bar with bar seating and casual, low tables for socialising. In the middle, the sit-down restaurant, formalised with boothed seating, leading out to the courtyard in the back complete with plenty of standing space and share-tables. 

Materials selected were inherently humble at their core. The shop’s brickwork was restored, along with the hardwood flooring. Polished concrete floor is used at the front, winking to the industrial vibe of High Street, Thornbury.  Windows running down the flank are reminiscent of traditional European architecture, enhancing the patron’s authentic Italian experience.

Project Details


Thornbury, Melbourne

Completion date