Aintree Park

Aintree Park introduces a new level of intelligent living designed to reflect the prestige of its Glen Iris locale. We have designed a building with careful consideration; from its brilliant exterior to its light-filled interiors, with a high degree of sustainable and energy efficient initiatives.

Throughout each home, we have selected materials ranging from brushed metals to glass, natural stones and soft fabrics – all chosen to evoke luxury with a slight edge. This eclectic mix of style is met with green-centric ideologies, giving residents a strong sense of pride to be living in a such a luxurious and high-functioning place.

The architecture takes full advantage of its key corner address, utilising the Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass as a facade feature once more. Not only is the black glass aesthetically beautiful, optimising the orientation to absorb the northern light from Malvern Road means that it also generates power for the building. As we learned when pioneering the photovoltaic glass for the facade on The General, we are committed to working closely with the supplier to enhance and make modifications to the product to make it even more energy efficient.

The building also features the PIRANHA system by SHARC Energy Systems. New to the market, the wastewater heat exchange system is specifically designed for multi-residential buildings. The system uses the heat contained in waste water to raise the ambient temperature of fresh hot water, meaning it greatly reduces operating costs of regular hot water, and promotes numerous energy-saving and environmental benefits.

These two key, leading features of sustainability designed for Aintree Park, will be combined with numerous other passive sustainability methods such as double glazing, bicycle parks, water storage and more means that the building has significantly reduced utility costs, and greatly reduces its carbon footprint.

Ideally positioned within the heart of Glen Iris, one of Melbourne’s most sought-after pockets within the inner-eastern suburbs, means that designing such a forward thinking project in sustainability cements C.Kairouz Architects as leaders in implementing new technology into buildings in blue-chip locations.



Project Details


Glen Iris, Melbourne



Floor Area

1613 m2

Under Construction



PIRANHA Energy System
Water Storage
Onyx Solar Photovoltaic Glass
Double Glazing
Solar Harvesting