The Practice

Now in its eighth year, C.Kairouz Architects is a thriving young practice in Melbourne’s bustling inner-north. 

Founded in 2011 by managing director, Chahid Kairouz, the practice has gradually expanded to a size of 35 staff with a healthy mix of international and local backgrounds forging a broad mix of creativity and experience. Focusing on residential and commercial architecture and with over one hundred projects, the practice’s experience in the sector is unparalleled for its youth. C.Kairouz Architects has developed a growing industry reputation for its unique process, project implementation and commitment to deliver high quality projects and innovative design solutions.  

The firm’s vast experience in project management and construction brings an advantageous strength when working on multi-residential projects, and eight years later makes for a significant portion of the firm’s portfolio in response to the booming construction and housing market in Melbourne. A task that would normally be resource demanding, C.Kairouz Architects has a dedicated interiors division, allowing these multi-residential designs to be fully realised and completed in an effective and timely manner all under the one roof.

C.Kairouz Architects thrive on challenging projects. The firm dispels assumptions and limitations to allow for the best possible creation, because challenging projects yield the biggest rewards.

The People

Chahid Kairouz

Managing Director

Chahid is the founder of C.Kairouz Architects. Before establishing the practice in 2011, Chahid gained a wealth of experience working for Grocon and Equiset in multiple roles, managing multi-million-dollar projects within Melbourne’s booming construction industry.

Chahid's strong background in construction and project management have armed him with a holistic approach when designing projects, enabling him the capacity to understand the motives for all parties involved.

This has spawned fortunate opportunities for Chahid to have a hand in the development of projects, where he can advocate his passion for new sustainability technologies and push the architectural agenda of the project. Chahid is an active campaigner for improving planning policy and keeping a balanced approach by protecting his client’s commercial viability.

Wojciech Huczek


Wojciech’s 30+ years experience encompasses senior positions in major architectural firms and development companies in Melbourne prior to establishing his own practice in 1996. Wojciech and his team joined C.Kairouz Architects in 2018 after working alongside the practice on a number of projects.

Throughout his career, Wojciech has been praised for his architectural designs, championing ESD initiatives throughout multiple sectors across Australia and Asia and for his practical approach to build-ability.

Sammy Kairouz

Associate (Interiors)

Sammy’s twelve plus years in design has been established across various creative sectors including fashion, interiors and project fit-out management. His approach is unique and imaginative, and his attention to detail is paramount when balancing form, materials and user functionality into his designs.

Gunawan Hartojo

Senior Architect

Gunawan’s extensive experience & knowledge is invaluable across commercial & residential sectors, and has worked for architectural companies in England, Indonesia and Australia.

He is a Member of The Royal British Institute of Architects and The Indonesian Institute of Architects and a registered architect in Victoria.

Liang Cheng


Liang Chen balances designs between functionality and aesthetics. He works across a range of projects within the firm and his experience comes from having worked for architectural companies in China and Australia. He is a registered architect in Victoria.

Sue Sukkar

Town Planner (Associate)

Sue has a keen interest in statutory planning process and has experience in a range of residential and commercial projects in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. She is focused on densification in dealing with contemporary issues surrounding urban sprawl.

Shirantha Gomes

Project Coordinator

Gomes has a special interest in design, sustainable design, urban design art and philosophy, and is also a visiting lecturer for Design and Sustainable design at Deakin University. His passion for creativity in architecture is supported by strong artistic skills and advanced design software and BIM knowledge.

Zak Hussain

Project Coordinator

Zak is passionate about the whole design process of converting innovative ideas into functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings. With over 13 years of experience, Zak has worked on mega construction projects on urban scale as well as high rise buildings in the Middle East.

Natasa Ugrinoski

Project Coordinator

Natasa's previous experience working for a Project and Construction Management Firm and a Builder are invaluable in her role. She understands the complex process involved in construction projects and takes great pride in being able to design out the construction risks for a relatively smoother process.

Satish Satturu

BIM Consultant

Satish brings 24 years of experience to C.Kairouz Architects, having managed projects at various stages from concept design through to construction administration. Satish is proficient in many aspects of computer-aided design with strong knowledge of Revit, Dynamo, 3DS MAX and Virtual Reality.

Luiz Ferreira

BIM Manager

Luiz has spent time in India, where he was assigned with a large hotel development project. During this time, he also worked on a number of other community-focused projects in Mumbai. Luiz also specialises in designing for the education sector and residential house extensions.

Alberto Furia

Project Designer

Alberto has strong visual awareness and an eye for detail and he is focused on the combination of functionality, design evolution and environment.

Trent Ustick

Project Documentor

Working in the industry for 13 years, Trent has had rich experience in residential design and medium density projects, with his specialisation being town planning and documentation.

Rodrigo Flandez

Architectural Graduate

Rodrigo has developed a keen attention to detail, focusing on drawing and documentation with BIM tools. Passionate about his work, Rodrigo takes special interest in the history and art of architecture.

Kelvin Chong

Architectural Graduate

Kelvin has experience in projects of many different types, thinking of innovative ideas and space planning designs that are unique to our brand. He has worked with architectural and engineering firms in Malaysia and Australia.

Amela Gani

Architectural Graduate

Amela has had hands-on exposure to multiple projects which she managed in Malaysia including master-planning and small scale renovations. She is a very enthusiastic individual, with great passion for architecture.

Arash Salavatian

Architectural Graduate

Arash's ability to design is built upon his attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Coupled with his past involvement with various stages of architectural design makes him a valuable member of the team.

Emma Torcaso

Interior Designer

With an extensive background of 12 years in independent art studies, Emma’s design approach is through integrating art and architecture through varying scales and stylistic time periods. She aims to create spaces that go beyond being simply a habitable space but rather an experience that can evoke emotional responses from our immediate environments.

Lillian Fernandes

Interior Designer

Lillian is involved with the architectural and technical aspects of Interior Design within our projects. Her collaborative approach to design delivers comfortable and most importantly functional spaces for our clients.

Paula Mihalakos

Graduate Interior Decorator

As a curious creative who's passion lies in interiors, Paula believes in being continually inspired by her surroundings and people who share the same creative flair.

Maroun Moussa


Maroun has a love for modern architecture. His strong work ethic means that he is committed to the task’s before him. Maroun’s knowledge and skills in Revit makes him an invaluable member of the team.