C. Kairouz Architects is a young, emerging architectural practice with fresh ideas and disciplined persistence. Our practice has a growing industry reputation for its unique process, design solutions and project implementation.

Founded by Director Chahid Kairouz, the company was born in 2010 following Chahid’s extensive experience in design, building and development. Chahid studied at University of Melbourne and graduated with three degrees in Architecture; Property and Construction and Planning and Design. Since then he has commenced working for Equiset Grollo Group and gained over 12 years of experience working on landmark buildings in Melbourne, notably the Intercontinental Hotel Melbourne, ($65m) and University Square project in Carlton, ($350m). Chahid now applies this knowledge of sound building principles to design functional and creative spaces with a strength in project delivery.

Our practice operates from a space strategically located in Melbourne, designed and refurbished by Chahid Kairouz. Our boutique sized practice offers a high level of director input throughout the design, documentation and delivery phases.

The team here at C. Kairouz Architects performs all types of design to ensure quality and we embrace an attitude of excellence. Our ideas are born from understanding what is most valuable to our clients, and our approach demonstrates our passion for not only the finished project, but for the creative process as a whole.

Irrespective of the type or size of development, our philosophy at C. Kairouz Architects is to approach all situations with a clean slate to enable us to assess the best outcome for our clients. In doing so, we are able to tackle each challenge in a unique manner; dispel any assumptions or limitations; and allow for the best possible creation. The result confidently showcases the fresh C. Kairouz Architects aproach demonstrating aesthetic with stylistic form, practical function and quality through detail.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects. They Produce Bigger Rewards In The End.

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Meet The Team, Our Architects.

Chahid KairouzManaging Director
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Property and Construction, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Planning and Design, University of Melbourne

Managing Director, Chahid Kairouz contributes to all phases of a project from conceptual design through to implementation. He is a firm believer that it is important for architects to understand the entire architectural and building process and where possible mitigate the clients risk throughout the entire process.

Chahid’s expansive knowledge and experience traverse various sectors from commercial buildings, multi-unit housing, community and residential developments.

His hands on approach mentors staff through their career development, especially when confronted by construction obstacles, whether it involves working through and negotiating site restrictions, limited budgets or other design challenges.

James Boland
James BolandSenior Associate
Cert Iv Building Design and Drafting. Gordon Institute of TAFE
First Rate Energy Rating, RMIT
Diploma of Building & Construction. CTI Melbourne

James is an integral part of C. Kairouz Architects with over 20 years of experience, James is a working leader in the company with strength in quality documentation. James has excellent knowledge in all aspects of an Architectural Practice and is in regular contact with a full range of authorities and consultants in his day to day work life.

James works closely with Chahid to ensure the culture of the practice allows creativity and quality Architecture while achieving difficult time frames.

Nicholas Moutis
Nicholas MoutisSenior Associate
Diploma of Building Design and Drafting – RMIT

With over 18 years’ experience, Nicholas is very strong on detail and architectural documentation. Nicholas has vast experience in commercial, retail & residential projects. Nicholas also has the ability to manage projects from concept design through to construction and ensure the integrity of the design direction.

Giuseppe Passuello
Giuseppe PassuelloArchitect / Landscape Architect
Architecture, University of Venice (IUAV)
Landscape Architecture, University of Venice (IUAV)

Joining the team at C. Kairouz Architects in 2011, Giuseppe brought with him experience from a landscape, architectural graphic practices in Italy. Giuseppe’s research and interests have always been focused on the possibility to combine a highly articulated academic profile with the pragmatism of the professional practice. He possesses strong technical and computer skills with advanced knowledge of AutoCAD, 3D modelling, Adobe Suite and other graphics communication programs. These allow him to provide immediate understandable visual imaging that enriches the projects with associations derived from form, function and the environment.

Bechara Taouk
Bechara Taouk Architect
Bachelor of Architecture (Monash)
Master of Architecture (Monash)

Beshara has an unparalleled work ethic, Beshara always places the bond between built form and inhabitant at the surface when designing.

Beshara is proficient in many aspects of computer aided design with a strong knowledge of Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino and Adobe Master Suite.

Shirantha Gomes
Shirantha GomesArchitect
Bachelor of Architecture (SLIA Sri Lanka / University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)
Master of Architecture (Deakin University)

Gomes has a special interest in design, sustainable design, urban design art and philosophy. Gomes is also a visiting lecturer for Design and Sustainable design at Deakin University.

His passion for creativity in architecture is supported by strong Artistic skills and advanced computer knowledge in Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite and other related programs.

Zak Hussain
Zak HussainArchitect
Bachelor of Architecture – NCA
LEED AP, Intl. Assoc. AIA

Zak is passionate about the whole design process of converting innovative ideas into functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings.

With over 13 years of experience, Zak has worked on mega construction projects on urban scale as well as high rise buildings in the Middle East.

Satish Satturu
Satish SatturuBIM Manager / Senior Revit Technician
Bachelor of Engineering (Pune University – India)
Advanced Diploma in Architecture & Building Design (Osmania University

Satish joined C. Kairouz Architects in mid-2017 as BIM Manager and Senior Revit Technician. Satish brings 24 years of experience to C.Kairouz Architects. Managing projects at various stages from concept design through to construction administration. His experience and passion is focused on multi-dwelling residential developments.

Satish is proficient in many aspects of computer-aided design with strong knowledge of Revit, Dynamo, 3DS MAX and Virtual Reality. These programs aid him in developing and articulating a range of design outcomes to cater to our evolving built environment.

Sue Kairouz
Sue Kairouz Town Planner
Masters of Urban Planning, University of Melbourne
Arts degree with double major in Legal Studies and English, Latrobe University

Sue joined Chahid Kairouz Architects in 2011 and is completing her Masters in Urban Planning at Melbourne University. Sue has a keen interest in statutory planning process and has experience in a range of residential and commercial projects in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Prior to joining the team, Sue worked in banking and finance litigation. Sue’s interests are focused on densification in dealing with contemporary issues surrounding urban sprawl.

Evelyn Thu Burton
Evelyn Thu BurtonArchitect
Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) (RMIT)
Master of Architecture (Melbourne University)

Since 2013, Evelyn has grown to be a real talent in Interior Design, Evelyn has an interest in the design of spatial atmospheres within architectural spaces. She believes that through careful consideration of spatial sequences, materiality and lighting, architectural space has the potential to better enrich our everyday lives.

Natasa Ugrinoski
Natasa UgrinoskiArchitectural Graduate
Master of Architecture, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Property and Construction, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Planning and Design, University of Melbourne

Natasa joined C.Kairouz Architects in 2014 after extensive travels abroad. Her previous experience working for a Project and Construction Management Firm and a Builder are invaluable in her new role as an Architect.

She understands the complex process involved in construction projects and takes great pride in being able to design out the construction risks for a relatively smoother process.

Alberto Furia
Alberto FuriaArchitect
Architecture & Architectural Engineering, Polytechnic of Milan (POLIMI)
Architecture-Architectural Design, Polytechnic of Milan (POLIMI)

Joining the team at C. Kairouz Architects in 2016, Alberto brought with him experience about sustainable and iconic residential designs in Italy.
Alberto has strong visual awareness and an eye for detail and his project researchers have always been focused on the combination of functionality, design evolution and environment.
Alberto is proficient in many aspects of computer-aided design in particular BIM integrated technology.

Luiz Ferreira
Luiz FerreiraArchitect
Bachelor & Masters of Architecture (University of Louvain, Belgium)

Luiz has spent time in India, working with acclaimed architects Bijoy Jain at Studio Mumbai Architects where he was assigned with a large hotel development project. During this time, he also worked on a number of other community-focused projects in Mumbai. He relocated to Melbourne in 2017 where he specialised in designing for the education sector, but also designed for multi-residential and residential house extensions.

Luiz is a firm believer that well-thought and conscious architecture has the potential to improve everyone’s quality of life, which he likes to call ‘positive design’.

Amir Gholami
Amir GholamiArchitect
Bachelor of Architecture (Iran University of Science & Technology)
Masters of Architecture (University of NSW)

Amir brings with him a wide range of experience and accolades, being nominated for and receiving awards including; Peter Kollar Memorial Prize (2011), AILA/NSW International Design Competition Award (2011), and the Australian Institute of Architects Digital Innovation Award (2013). He’s also appeared on numerous jury panels at various universities and institutions across Sydney, UNSW and UTS. Amir’s work involves experimenting with digital and fabrication techniques, and designing architecture that is geometrically complex while pushing the boundaries of science and structure.

Trent Ustick
Trent UstickProject Administrator
Advanced Diploma in Building Design & Project Administration (NMIT)
Diploma of Building Design & Technology (Box Hill TAFE)

Working in the industry for 13 years, Trent has had rich experience in residential design and medium density projects, with his specialisation being town planning and documentation. Outside of work, his interests include spending time with his son and gardening.

Rodrigo Flandez
Rodrigo FlandezArchitect
Bachelor & Masters of Architecture (University of Chile)
Diploma in BIM Modelling & Coordination (University of Chile)

Studying at the Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism with the University of Chile, Rodrigo has developed a keen attention to detail, focusing on drawing and documentation with BIM tools. Passionate about his work, Rodrigo takes special interest in the history and art of architecture. Outside of work his interests include video games, drawing and tattoo art.

Amela Gani
Amela GaniArchitect
Bachelor Degree of Science (Architecture)

Amela has had hands-on exposure to multiple projects which she managed in Malaysia including master-planning and small scale renovations. She is a very enthusiastic, motivated person, with great passion for architecture. She is looking to build a career that is mentally challenging and hopes to make her place in Australia in the field of conceptual design.

Karen Bassil
Karen BassilGraduate Architect
Masters of Architecture (USEK, Lebanon)
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies (USEK, Lebanon)

Karen is passionate about architecture, from concept right up until construction finishes. Starting with an urban scale approach and ending in development, Karen’s main focus in her Masters was a project to prove the importance & impact of architecture on society, as well as on the individual. Karen brings experience in both residential and commercial architecture as she hopes to improve urban issues throughout her designs.

Emma Torcaso
Emma Torcaso Graduate Interior Designer
Advanced Diploma of Building Design, Architectural (Melbourne Polytechnic)
Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration (Melbourne Polytechnic)
Certificate IV in Interior Decoration (Melbourne Polytechnic)

Emma joined C.Kairouz Architects as a Graduate Interior Designer in 2017.
With an extensive background of 12 years in independent art studies, Emma’s design approach is through integrating art and architecture through varying scales and stylistic time periods. She aims to create spaces that go beyond being simply a habitable space but rather an experience that can evoke emotional responses from our immediate environments.

Maroun Moussa
Maroun MoussaDraftsperson
Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural), Melbourne Polytechnic

Maroun is a young, energetic draftsperson who has been with C.Kairouz Architects since 2016. He has a love for modern architecture.

Maroun’s strong work ethic means that he is committed to the task’s before him. Maroun’s knowledge and skills in Revit makes him an invaluable member of the team.

Steven Wang
Steven WangAccountant
Bachelor of Marketing (Xuzhou Normal University)
Diploma of Accounting (South West Institute of TAFE)
Master of Accounting (La Trobe University)
Master of Financial Analysis (La Trobe University)
CPA Australia

Steven Joined C.Kairouz Architects in June 2017 as an Accountant. His years of experience in accounting public practices has developed a thorough understanding of taxation & accounting in different industries. He is committed to provide professional support in not only ATO compliance but also stakeholder value creation.

Sophie Cuthbert
Sophie CuthbertAccounts Manager
Certificate III Financial Services (Bookkeeping)
Diploma of Building Design and Drafting

Since 2014 Sophie has been in charge of Accounts Management. With over 25 years of administration and accounts management experience from varying industries including manufacturing, retail & professional services.

Sophie has become a valuable team member meeting all challenges head on with a professional, supportive and positive enthusiasm. Sophie’s looking forward to & is committed to providing the practice with focused & augmented accounts functionality.

Sandra Carr
Sandra CarrExecutive Assistant / Administration
Sandra joined C. Kairouz Architects at the beginning of 2016 as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director. Sandra’s brings over 20 years of administration and customer relation experience obtained across a range of industries.

Her strong organisational and project management skills coupled with her passion for customers makes her a valuable addition to the team.

Role of an Architect.

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

‘Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.’ – Frank Gehry

Timeless architecture that responds to its context should be a goal for architects when designing buildings but architecture is so much more. Creating architecture and being architects requires a Holistic approach.

“The ideal architect should be a person of letters, a mathematician, familiar with historical studies, a diligent student of philosophy, acquainted with music, not ignorant of medicine, learned in the responses of jurisconsults, familiar with astronomy and astronomical calculations.”— Vitruvius, circa 25 BC

The term Architect is derived from the Greek term meaning “head builder”. Arkhitekton was used to describe the leading stonemason of the ancient Greek temples of around 500 B.C. – Arkhi meaning head, chief or master and Teckton meaning worker or builder.

One may recall some of history’s greatest buildings when the original role of the architectural practice was the ‘Master Builder’ who was the planner, designer, drafter, engineer and superintendent. Many of these cathedrals, castles and spectacular buildings are still standing today.

In modern times a team of professionals is required to carry out the full scope and delivery of such buildings and the role of an architect is often limited to design and documentation.

Despite offering the typical modern day services of an architect, we believe that the architectural practice or Architect should be the ‘Project Leader’ and embrace the once upon a time role of the architect.

Therefore, we also offer services which take on this Project Management role and either through in house specialists or sub consultant affiliates we ensure a successful building via a successful process.

Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union. – Frank Lloyd Wright

This holistic approach to architecture comes out in the end product is not only a union between form and function but cost, timing and pursuit for longevity also.
Chahid Kairouz – 2010

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