Jenkins Street

The Jenkins Street House extension is a design all about balance. It mixes private spaces with open plan living. Providing contrast between new contemporary forms and traditional period features. This dynamic of old meets new, creates diversity in the function & style of the home. Balancing out each facet – just like the yin & yan.

Located in gentrifying Northcote, the house fits right in amongst the healthy mix of redevelopment sites and period homes with modern extensions. The brief was to revive the dilapidated-yet-characterful art deco house. To create a modern family home that was uniquely thrilling – hence the split personality. Essential to the client was that the house was light filled, large enough to contain 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and additional storage for a family that the original house was lacking.

The quiet, private areas of the home are located at the front, where the existing Tasmanian oak timber flooring was restored and the original ceiling rosettes revived to a modern, clean white. The floorplan naturally encourages people to move through the space into the louder heart of the home; the open living and entertaining area at the rear. Materials selections change from warm & luxurious to bold & sleek with a slight industrial undertone, with inspirations drawn from the immediate context of Northcote.

Multiple breakaway courtyards situated throughout the design, providing excellent indoor-outdoor connection. A major architectural feature and added drama comes from the architectural glass & steel walk bridge that connects the old and new parts of the home – creating an amazing transition space.


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Project Details


Northcote, VIC

Site Area

557 m2

Floor Area

275 m2

Completion date



Water Storage
Solar Harvesting


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